• Access Granted

    E-Sports Event in Utrecht is First for Disabled Gamers

  • Fallout 4

    Somewhat Buggy but Not Entirely Inaccessible

  • World of Warships

    Fast Action, Slow Movement

  • XCOM: Enemy within

    Produced by Firaxis (makers of the Civilization franchise), this game is definitely on the short list of games that every gamer, disabled or otherwise, should own.

  • Civilization V

    The franchise has always been a ray of sunshine for the physically disabled, as gameplay is turn based, requiring no more than a mouse and a brain. No hyperactive reflexes required here.

  • AbleGamers Charity

    CEO Mark Barlet chairs panel on videogame accessibility at this year's Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2015, and announces new scholarship program

  • Diablo 3

    The third installment of the Diablo franchise is accessible to nearly everyone.

  • Who is Accessible Gamer?

    I'm a 32-year-old quadriplegic spreading awareness of the challenges faced by disabled video gamers, and how best to overcome those challenges.

  • This War of Mine

    Inspired by the siege of Bosnia. All information given to you by the game is through text. I could recommend it for anyone.

  • EVE Online

    A terrible game that is amazingly accessible.

  • Audiosurf 2

    Audiosurf 2 is an extremely clever casual "Racing" game that takes a song from your personal mp3 collection (which is, of course, 100% legally obtained), and creates a racetrack populated with multicolored blocks for you to run over and spikes for you to avoid.


Audiosurf 2, Diablo 3, Dragon Age 2, Xcom 1 & 2, This War of Mine, Witcher, Civilization V, Resident Evil, Baldur's Gate, Bastion, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Marvel Heroes 2015...


Reviews and Analysis
Not all games are created equal. Titles in all genres and even those within the same publisher present unique issues tackled by Accessible Gamer. Those games are rated and recorded here.


Hard and Soft and Profiles
Programs like Voice-Attack, TrackIR head tracking mouse, Xpadder and DIY controllers help make games accessible. Guides and downloadable profiles used by Accessible Gamer.


The need for accessibility
Public accommodations for accessibility are mandated by the ADA, and there is no similar mandate for games. Change starts with awareness. This section includes outside links and research.