This War of Mine: A Good Mouse-Only Game for a Good Cause

This War of Mine is inspired by the siege of Bosnia.

It is played from the perspective of the civilians who are affected by war, instead of a front line soldier holding a gun, mowing down rebels. You are stuck in an abandoned home where snipers keep you trapped inside by day, and you can travel throughout the city to scavenge for supplies by night. You can use these supplies to improve your home and keep your survivors rested, happy, healthy, and fed. A difficult task, considering the situations.


If you can use your mouse, you can play.


This War of Mine Gameplay 2

The game gives you between one and four survivors

with various strengths and weaknesses. Some may be fast runners, or able to raise the spirits of other survivors, while others may go crazy if they don't get their smokes or morning coffee. Some can play the guitar, and others are good with children. I have, at least once, had a survivor get so depressed that they abandoned the shelter, taking much of my supplies with them.


All information given to you by the game is through text.


This War of Mine Katya Outcome

Aside from the poignancy of its content and concept,

what I enjoy most about the game is its replayability. In fact, no two playthroughs are the same. You get different survivors, the war may last longer or shorter, the war could be in the middle of summer or the depth of winter (either scenario having a major effect on gameplay), or you may have certain areas on the map that don't appear in every replay. Moreover, while it certainly is possible to sneak out in the middle of the night, club people over the head and take all of their food and medicine, but doing so has major negative impacts on the mental health of the survivors, which is just as important to manage as physical health.


Accessibility Breakdown:


I could recommend it for anyone.

There are occasional scenes of action and combat, but they are not mandatory. If you can use the mouse on your computer, even marginally, you can play. While scavenging through the city, places where you can scrounge for items, mounds of buried rubble, and everything else is clearly labeled. Use of the keyboard is not necessary at all. For the hearing impaired, the only sound is the in-game music, which, while pretty, is not necessary to enjoy this game. All information given to you by the game is through text. All in all, I would recommend this game for anyone, in particular, those with physical or auditory disabilities. It's tons of fun, and you can also purchase their only DLC (which adds some authentic, real-life graffiti by real-life graffiti artists) for $.99, 100% of which goes to the War Child Charity.